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Ron Daniels eager to start as new
president of Greater Jackson USBC

By Jeff Bleiler - August 16, 2011

Ron Daniels is passionate about bowling.

But get him talking about marketing and bowling, and Daniels’ eyes light up.

That passion for both the game and how to promote it will serve Daniels well as he takes over as president of the Greater Jackson United States Bowling Congress. Daniels, who has served as a vice president on the board since 2002, was elected to a two-year term at the organization’s annual meeting in July.

Daniels takes over for Glenda Wells, whose two-year term expired.

Jeff Ekin and Bruce Rendell were also elected in July as new directors to the board.

“I had hoped one day to become president,” Daniels said. “Our foremost job is to promote the game of bowling in the Jackson area.”

Daniels has owned and operated Suburban Lanes with his wife, Cindy, since September 2004. The couple put the “family” in “family-owned business.”

Daughter Courtney Burgess, 24, helps Cindy Daniels run the restaurant portion of the business. Son-in-law Mark Burgess, 25, is the 12-lane center’s main mechanic and assists with the day-to-day operation of the bowling alley.

Son Corey, 15, who will be a sophomore at Northwest High School, works the counter and is a “pin chaser.”

Daughter Chelsea, 14, who will be a freshman at Northwest, assists Cindy Daniels with prepping in the kitchen.

As president of the local chapter of the USBC, Daniels said one of his goals is to increase communication with the bowling community, including resurrecting a now-defunct website.

“We’re working on our website,” Daniels said. “We’re going to form a web committee, and our goal is to make it very user friendly for everyone.”

Another of Daniels’ goals is to maintain and even grow the local Bowling 101 program, which since its inception in 2008-09 has exposed 14,723 elementary and middle school students to bowling through gym class.

“That is one of the biggest successes that we’ve ever done in the local USBC,” Daniels said.

Daniels would also like to see what he terms a Super Bowl tournament come to fruition. The tournament would entail bowling at Suburban, Summit and Airport lanes, either on the same day or over a series of days to determine a winner.

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