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New Brunswick Pro Lanes are ready for bowling!
By Jeff Bleiler - August 12, 2012

Suburban Lanes is a family business.

Because of that, owner Ron Daniels, is considering the perfect way to christen the new Brunswick Pro Lanes that have been installed at the 12-lane house over the past two weeks.

"I was thinking of having my family throw a ball all at the same time," Daniels said. "We are a family business, and this is our family."

After closing down for the summer, the Daniels' business re-opens to the public Monday when bowlers can see the results of the biggest transformation of the house since it went to synthetic lanes in the late 1980s.

Daniels, who runs the business along with his wife, Cindy, said he's more anxious about this opening day than any other since he started running Suburban Lanes eight years ago.

"We're very excited with the installation of the lanes," he said Friday. "It'll sure be nice when it's done."

That's at least in part because he saw the destruction that came with installing the same type of lanes the professional bowlers compete on. On Tuesday, the Brunswick installation team was at the end of the most grueling, most time-consuming and messiest part of the job that started Aug. 2.

The new lanes and approaches were installed over the old ones, which had to be sanded level for the installation to work.

"We're grinding away at this laminate, and that's the hardest part," said Tim Horan of Port Huron, a Brunswick installation foreman. "Everything has to be flat."

On that day, gutters on lanes 1 and 2 had been removed, along with the left gutter on lane 3. New Brunswick gutters sat in boxes on the concourse awaiting installation. All 12 pin decks, on which the pins are set, had been removed. And the concourse was a sea of chairs, tables, tools and sawdust.

"It was kind of an awkward feeling seeing the place torn into shambles," Daniels said. "We're always trying to keep the approaches clean and keep pop off them, and here they come in with their saws and equipment.

"It makes your heart drop a bit," he joked.

The result for bowlers of this investment, the amount of which Daniels declined to offer, is a more consistent scoring pace, more targets on the lane to improve their scores and a better bowling experience.

The lanes feature alternate-colored lane boards, highlighted boards and range-finders toward the end of the lanes near the pins.

Suburban will also have six lanes of pop-up bumpers.

"This will be a much improved center," Horan said.

Daniels is inviting the public to see for itself when the doors open at 11 a.m. Monday. The center will have Dollar Days through Labor Day and will also participate in the Greater Jackson USBC-wide free bowling weekend Aug. 25-26.

Airport Lanes, Homer Lanes, Leslie Lanes, Stockbridge Bowl and AMF Summit Lanes will join Suburban in offering free bowling between noon and 5 p.m. each of those days. Brooklyn Lanes is not participating due to renovations taking place at that house.

"We're just ecstatic about the new lanes and anxious to reopen," Daniels said.

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