Suburban Lanes Dining and Cocktails
Suburban Lanes Dining and Cocktails

Ron & Cindy Daniels · Owners and Operators

Location: 3801 Ann Arbor Road Road · Jackson, Michigan 49202 USA
Phone: 517-764-3200 · Fax: 517-764-7406 · Email:


Bowling Prices:
Open Bowling
$3.50 per game
Shoe Rental
$2.00 a pair
Socks Rental
$2.00 a pair
Hour Lane Charge
gift card
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Bowling socks - only $2.00/pair Whole Bowling Alley Rental - 12 Lanes - 60 people - 3 hrs. of Bowling, Pizza, Pop & Shoes - Call for pricing
Download rental brochure for more details.

Home Court for these area High School Teams:
Support your Bowling Team's Center!
Suburban Lane Bowling FUN for EVERYONE!
Open only to Suburban Lane Bowlers
Family Bowling Pack - 1 lane, 1 hr. 1 med. 1-item pizza, pitcher of pop & shoes - only $30
Limit 6 people on each Family Bowling Package

Ask us about our Special Company & Birthday Bowling Packages!
We also offer Bowling Lessons / Coaching · Call us for details.

Bob Learn Jr. - Mr. 300
Career: Owns five career Tour titles with his last win coming in the 2001 Japan Cup… won the 1999 U.S. Open, his lone major title…earned a career-best $234,332 over 27 events in 1996…is 22-28 in 32 career TV appearances, with a 222.48 average…has all-time TV records 3 game (850): 300,270,280 and a 4 game (1129): 300, 270, 280, 279. On the strength of that performance, Bob won the 1996 ESPY Award. Guinness Book of World Records holder for 300 games.

Ron Daniels' family with "Mr. 300" Bob Learn Jr.

300 Game / 800 Series Men's Club
300 Game
BJ Satkowski
Chris Ortwine
Mark Rose
Chris Schweikert
Bob Coy
Brian Beaman
Todd Reichard
Jamie Otto
Jimmy Hurd
Scott Denig
Billy Watkins
Mark Burgess
Pat Jahn
Clarence Mundinger
Bryan McClure
Harvey Proctor
Dave Henman
Mark Burgess
Tim Haggett
Scott Van Epps
Steve Simon
Randy Simon
Ron Daniels
Ed Gibson
Brian Mc Ellis
Don Anglemyer
Rob Matthews
Dan Ramp
Cory Hines
Craig De Rossett
Bill Mick
Mark Powell
Jeff Saleh
300 Game
Mitchell Mullins
Mike Eaton
Stephen Lay
Doug Fagan
Tom Lubahn
Tim Collier
Dennis Raymond
Dean Jones
Bill Wagner
Craig Sauceda
Phil Konkle
Dallas Maddock
Mike Lowe
Ken Jackson
Ed Tomalak
Jerry Cox
Wes Wingart
Jeff Collier
Nick French
Dan Taylor
Bob Garrett
Tom Hoyt
Dan Gennety
Kris Warner
Rob Beasley
Gerry Lobdell
Floyd Trip II
Joe Loring
Mike Devlaminck
Billy Roberts
Craig M. Collier
Robby Partalatin
300 Game
Jeff Bleiler
Matt Davis
Jason French
Roy Albert
Dennis Chenoweth
Ken Waito
Brian Kinchsular
JB Bellew Jr.
Bryan Rishel
Kenny Brown
Jordon Gettings
Harry Sprangel
Terry Rice
Steve DePoy
Jim Alber
Tres Smith
Eddie Thomas Jr.
Mel Lindsey
Brian Judd
Jeff Ekin
Jr. Ambs
Randy Biddix
Tom Ewing
Joshua Pelham
Dave Pasick
Jim L'Huillier Jr.
Chris McClintic
Harry Johnson Jr.
Josh Pelham
Jerimy Hertzfeld
Jason Overmyer
Kirk Johnson
800 Series
BJ Satkowski
Tracy Jahr
Mark Rose
Billy Watkins
Robby Portalatin
Scott Denig
Harvey Proctor
Terry Rice
Ed Gibson
Randy Simon
Doug Fagan
Jeff Dillon
Dean Jones
Rich Horodecki
Bryan Rishel
JB Bellew Jr.
Woody Riddle
Kirk Johnson
Harry Parzych
Nick French
Gerry Lobdell
Jeff Ekin
Ed Markiewicz
Chris McClintic
Gary Fracassa
Howard Evans
Dan Gennety
Andy Horodecki
Zack French
Tom Klintworth Jr.
Cory Hines
Terry Ott*
 *Highest series
  Suburban Lanes
  845 on 2/11/13

300 Game / 270+ Game / 700 Series Women's Club
300 Game
Shelbie Fagan
  270+ Game
Tanisha Burris
Kristina Satterlee
Julie Hatt
Kay McCluer
Buffy Taylor
Jeni Lindamood
Shelbie Fagan
ShelRay Ortiz
  700 Series
Tanisha Burris
Erma McAlpine
Shelbie Fagan
Julie Hatt
Libie Ambs
Malloree Ambs
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